Why eating red meat can harm your health?

A study by Cornell University and Northwestern University found that the danger of disorder and premature death increases between 3 and seven for people that eat two or more servings of meat and processed meat every week .

Is the consumption of processed meat, unprocessed meat , poultry or fish related to cardiovascular disease? In October 2019, a world group of nutritionists from the us and therefore the uk called NutriRECS published five studies within the medical journal of the American College of Physicians called “”Annals of Internal Medicine”” that concluded that there was “”no certainty that eating meat or processed meat causes cancer, diabetes or heart condition.”

Some experts, like Dr. Frank Hu, from the Harvard Department of Nutrition, were concerned thereupon study. “”This could also be a really irresponsible public health recommendation,”” he told CNN. “”There is substantial evidence that processed meat can cause bowel cancer, such tons so as that the earth Health Organization has classified it as a carcinogen since 2015.””

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According to CNN, the researchers did say that fried foods, including chicken and fish, should be avoided because deep frying can contribute to trans fatty acids, and therefore the intake of fried fish has been positively associated with chronic diseases.

“These findings suggest that, among US adults. UU., a better intake of processed meat, unprocessed meat or poultry, but not fish, was significantly related to alittle increase within the risk of incident disorder , while a better intake of processed meat or unprocessed meat , but not poultry or fish, was significantly related to alittle increase within the risk of mortality from all causes. These findings have important implications for public health and will justify further research, ”say the researchers within the study.