What are the consequences of using the cell phone in bed?

If the last thing you do before bed is to look at Instagram and review the whatsapp in bed. Or even you sleep watching television, the quality of your dream will have negative repercussions. Since you will be receiving a large dose of artificial light. If you also suffer from insomnia, you should stay away from any electronic device a good time before going to sleep.

“”The smartphone screens emit a really intense blue light that interrupts the secretion of a hormone from the brain’s pineal body , melatonin, essential for sleep,”” said the top of the Sleep Medicine Unit at Favaloro University Hospital, Mirta Ana Averbuch.

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“Today there are many studies that show the damage to psychophysical health, socialization and sleep caused by the many hours in front of the screens. It is advisable to turn off the cell phone when going to bed, especially children and adolescents, ”added Averbuch.

This activity situation generates confusion in the brain after not identifying whether it is day or night and can delay sleep. Ideally, do not use the cell phone in bed, or at least choose the “”night light”” option, which is less intense.