Half a hundred people have died in Brazil because of the rains

At least 50 people have died in Minas Gerais due to the heavy rains that have hit the second most populous state in Brazil since last Thursday, a situation that has also left quite 32,000 people affected, of which quite 4,000 were left without the ceiling.

According to the latest Civil Defense bulletin released on Tuesday, 65 people have been injured by rainfall and continue the search for two others who are still missing.

The storms within the region have caused innumerable damage and a minimum of 28,043 people had to temporarily leave their homes thanks to flooding.

Another 4,101 people will not be able to return to their homes because they were left homeless because of the rains, according to the entity’s report.

The city with the most deaths due to rainfall is Belo Horizonte, the regional capital, where 13 of the 50 lethal victims were registered.

The rains that fell on Friday in Belo Horizonte were record, with 171.8 millimeters of water accumulated in 24 hours, the highest volume recorded in a day since the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) began the pluviometric measurements 110 years ago.

In addition to Belo Horizonte, storms have punished the municipalities that make up its metropolitan region, where most deaths have been recorded due to floods, landslides, river overflows, tree falls and power lines, and the collapse of a building under construction, among others.

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The situation caused by the storms forced the regional government of Minas Gerais to declare the emergency situation in 101 municipalities suffering from the rains, while three cities (Catas Altas, Ibirité and Orizania) declared themselves during a state of public calamity.

The governor of Minas Gerais, Romeu Zema, declared an emergency situation in 101 of the 853 municipalities and official mourning for almost fifty victims caused by the rains.