Alert! An asteroid will approach Earth on February 15

A dangerous aerolyte will fly very on the brink of Earth, consistent with data published by NASA for Studies of Near-Earth Objects. It has a diameter between 440 and 990 meters.

The asteroid is predicted to succeed in the closest point on Earth specifically on February 15. The distance is 15 times greater than that which separates the world from the Moon. According to experts, it will be seen almost everywhere.

The peculiar asteroid is part of the research carried out by NASA specialists to learn more about what they will face.

This asteroid was discovered on October 23, 1995 and is part of the great Apollo family, which includes those asteroids whose flight paths cross Earth’s orbit. That is why they’re referred to as dangerous cosmic bodies.

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According to the Space Agency, the next time the asteroid will return near our planet will be in 55 years.